Awesome {2018} Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

Awesome {2018} Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

Awesome {2018} Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Wife: If you forget our wife’s birthday, making it up to her will take a lot more than a simple romantic apology. Take the first step towards redeeming yourself and say sorry to your wife by writing a beautiful poem or a sweet birthday quote on a greeting cards.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Wife Image
Belated Birthday Wishes for Wife Image

Happy Birthday is one of the special events to celebrate with friends, mother, sister, brother and relatives. We always become so excited for our Birthday or friend’s Bday. Kids get real happiness on this day as they get many gifts from relatives, friends and other guests. Some friends who can’t meet us on that day, they express their blessings by sharing or updating Whatsapp Status. We can remind our all contact list friends by using these Happy Birthday Images, wishes, pictures, jokes, status and quotes wishes for Whatsapp.

A Very Glittery Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Wife filled with a nicely wrapped birthday present, cute flowers and doodles around it. Beautiful sparkly gold glitter Happy Birthday with a very artistically drawn cake with candles on top of it.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

I am late, but imagine if I forgot! Okay, do not imagine that. What you can do instead, is give me a smile and a hug. Belated happy birthday, honey.

Life often does not give us chances to remember the important days. But even if I got late, your special day is something I can never miss. Belated happy birthday, my love. Wish you all the happiness in the world.

You and I are in a relation that lasts for a lifetime (and hopefully beyond). So even if I am late for your special day, all I ever hope for is making your every day equally special. Happy birthday, my loving wife.

You and I have reached a point in life where we don’t have to prove anything to each other; our love is mature. Even if I am late, your special day is equally special for me. Belated happy birthday, darling.

Like all husbands, I do forget great days. And like all husbands, I will make sure that I make up for it. Anything for you, my love. Belated happy birthday.

We might be busy in our own lives, forgetting small things that should be important. But in the end, we do love each other unconditionally. Belated happy birthday, honey.

Since I am late, all I can offer is my apologies. And a promise, that even if I am late, I will be ultimately there for you, at every point in life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I know I forgot your birthday but I want you to remember that your smile is my heart’s beat and my soul’s solace. Please forgive me and wipe off that frown. xoxo

I could make excuses if I want, but I won’t because our marriage is too precious to be marred by flimsy lies. I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. xoxo

I wonder how I forgot your birthday… especially when my heart never forgets to beat for you even for a second. Happy belated birthday.

Your husband may be forgetful but he is still the man who will do anything it takes to make you happy. Please forgive me.

In wishing you for your birthday, I know I’ve been slow and late… but don’t forget that Slow and Steady always wins the race! Happy belated birthday.

Because it is everlasting and eternal, my love for you has no sense of time or date. Maybe that’s why, I innocently forgot your birth date. Happy birthday.

I forgot your birthday, I confess. But that doesn’t mean, that I love you any less. Please give me a chance, to clear up this mess. Happy belated birthday, my princess.

I forgot your birthday because I was busy thinking about how to give my wife… the perfect life. Muah.

Your husband has always loved you like there’s no TOMORROW. Maybe that’s why he forgot your birthday YESTERDAY. Belated happy birthday.

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