Latest {2018} Funny Birthday Cards for Men

Latest {2018} Funny Birthday Cards for Men

Funny Birthday Cards for Men: Hello dear Friends, Check out here the best Funny Birthday Cards for Men to send to your buddies and loved ones and make them go LOL on their special day. One of the best part about birthdays are the memories of your funny birthday pictures which you will remember when you will be far from each other.

Funny Birthday Cards for Men

  • Happy birthday! I would sing you a birthday song but that wouldn’t be a very pleasant sound in your ear.

  • Happy birthday to the reason I spend hours trying to look decent every day.

  • You’re lucky you have a girlfriend who does the most to make your birthday special.

  • I don’t do birthdays. So you should feel special. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Cards for Him Funny

Funny Birthday Cards for Male Friends

  • Happy Birthday to someone with impeccable music taste, the greatest sense of humor, the biggest heart, and the world’s greatest girlfriend!!! I love you!!

  • Happy Birthday to someone who knows how to annoy the crap out of me……. but I love him more than anything and anyone. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

  • I know it’s your birthday but your mom deserves the congratulatory wishes for birthing that big head of yours.

  • Blow out your candles. You don’t have much to wish for since you already have the great girlfriend of all time.

Birthday Card for A Male Friend

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