Download {2018} Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends and Love ones

Download {2018} Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends and Love ones

Download {2018} Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends and Love ones: Birthday card for someone’s special day. Good news that this post is generously created to provide you lots of funny birthday Wishes, Birthday Greetings, Birthday Messages, Birthday Quotes and some Birthday Picture Messages. With these collections below, you can even send different messages for different people the whole year round! You don’t know how it’s going to make the birthday celebrant really happy, especially when you remembered his or birthday without the help of Facebook’s birthday reminder!

Funny Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends and Love ones

No one will stop tonight from eating your favorite items. I wish you a happiest birthday ever.

So, you are still younger than the age you will be on the next birthday. Have a special celebration.

Another year has gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve become wiser.

It’s your birthday. Have a buffet cake night and eat as much as you can.

The nature has kept this day special because you are permitted to eat as much cake as you can.

The room is getting hotter, please blow the candles before your room gets on fire.

It’s cold out there, but I feel much warm for your candles. How hot your birthday is.

Too many birthday means, you are getting closer to death. It’s scientifically proven, not my own words.

Hey, though it’s older, but yet it’s not better yet. Have a wonderful birthday.

Too many candles on the cake means you are getting older too fast.

It’s always very nice to be young, but allows you get to older every year. Don’t worry, just enjoy.

Some special words on your birthday: keep smiling as long as you’ve those teeth.

Another year gone, how fast the numbers of candles on the cake are rising.

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