Latest Funny Birthday Wishes | Birthday Wishes

Latest Funny Birthday Wishes | Birthday Wishes

Latest Funny Birthday Wishes | Birthday Wishes: Birthday with having fun and enjoyment is incomplete. So, here we present some of the most Hilarious and Funny Birthday Wishes which make your friend’s, brother, sister, Boyfriend, Female friends beginning of special day full of humor.

Check out the funny birthday wishes for friend, brother, sister, cousin, mom, dad, you name it, so that special day will go in laughter and super fun.

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Funny Birthday Wishes

People often compare birthdays with boogers. Because, with the increase of its number, people find breathing harder.

No one will stop tonight from eating your favorite items. I wish you a happiest birthday ever.

So, you are still younger than the age you will be on the next birthday. Have a special celebration.

I believe that man grows old like wine and women grows old like cheese. You know old wines are priceless.

Congratulations for your sweet smile. Though you don’t have all your teeth, but yet it’s sweet like always.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend

People often believe that good things don’t last long. So, I guess you are a bad ass!

You may look old, but your heart is evergreen. You are only twenty if we count the age of your heart. Live as long as you wish.

Happy birthday dear. Another birthday means one step closer to the end of life.

I know we both have grown very old now, but I hope you are not going to die before you taste the birthday cake.

It’s time to stop counting the numbers of candles and start to think about the wishes you’ve got today.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

Shopping anything for your special day is always hard, so lets do it together today.

Look, the number of candles is getting higher, but the cake is still too small. Happy birthday.

Next year, arrange a big cake so that the number of candles fit on the cake easily. Wishing you a happy birthday.

You are a person for whom it’s always tough to find a perfect gift. So, I decided not to bring anything expect this beautiful rose.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Men

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Funny Birthday Wishes in Hindi

सूरज रौशनी ले कर आया,
और चिड़ियों ने गाना गाया,
फूलों ने हंस हंस कर बोला,
मुबारक हो तुम्हारा जन्मदिन आया.

मेरे बहुत अच्छे दोस्त है ज़माने में ..
बस थोड़ी जिंदगी उलझी पड़ी है ..
2 वक़्त की रोटी कमाने में..

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