Top {2018} Son Birthday Cards

Top {2018} Son Birthday Cards

Son Birthday Cards: Here are some birthday messages you can send to your son to wish them peace, love, prosperity and joy on their birthday.

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Sweet Son Birthday Cards

  • My little boy is growing to be the man I always imagined he would be, you bring me so much pride and joy, I love you always my son, have a great birthday from mama.

  • You are the one I vowed to always protect, love and care for, you are mama’s little boy and no harm shall ever come to you. Happy Birthday my prince!

  • Having a son is good but having a son like you is the best. You’re not just the best, you’re better than the best. You’re one in a kind. Happy birthday to you baby!

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Birthday Card for Son on Facebook

  • You will always be my greatest joy and nothing and no one shall ever come between us. I love you my son, you will always be mama’s boy, enjoy your birthday.

  • In life, having a good son is one of the greatest things a mother can have. Having a strong son is one of the valuable assets of a mum. Happy birthday my valuable son.

  • Son, I always have every reason to thank God that you came through me. Anytime I set my eyes on you, bubbles of happiness evolve from my heart. I’m wishing you a happy birthday today.

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